Landfill gas monitoring

Do you know how to perform landfill gas monitoring? For these purposes, there is a perfect instrument in our e-shop. It is the popular AIR LF biogas analyzer that really can do a lot. But first, let’s say on what principle this device actually works.

Infrared rays penetrate the gas

The analyzer produces infrared radiation which is absorbed into the biogas and therefore it determines important values. Monitoring of the landfill gas with the AIR LF analyzer is simple, just connect it to the correct measurement unit.

Components of the gas analyzer

Gas analyzers can be used for checking the composition of biogas as well as the measurement and monitoring of landfill gas, they are very accurate and will help you to perform your job more efficiently. Safety is also on very high level, as it is needed in production as well as the side production of biogases and similar media. The main components of our device for the monitoring of landfill gases are: flow meter, particle filter, condensation detector and flow controller. If you miss any of these components, the apparatus probably won’t be as accurate, or worse, it will not work at all.

Why measure landfill gases?

Landfill gases must be constantly checked for leaks, particularly in order to avoid an explosion, poisoning of employees or other people who are moving around in this dangerous environment, and ultimately, they help to improve the function of the landfill. Monitoring landfill gases is conducted substantially in all types of landfills.


If you decide to use the AIR LF analyzer to monitor landfill gas, you cannot go wrong. Moreover, you can easily connect to the Air.aseko server, where you will be able to monitor and analyse the acquired data. Try this modern device and ensure safety and effectiveness in the workplace.

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