Infrared gas analyzer

The infrared gas analyzer, which we offer in our store, are among devices, which can streamline the ecological production of biogases. Firstly, in a nutshell, let’s talk about how this measuring device and the entire system actually works.


Infrared rays will do a great job

As it is clear from the title, the infrared gas analyzer uses infrared light, by these means it can penetrate the whole medium, determine important parameters and in particular the composition. With this feature, it is possible to clearly characterise the biogas and subsequently modify it to be more efficient. With the help of the infrared biogas analyzer you can add greatly to your company, which is engaged in precisely this progressive activity.

Basic components

The infrared gas analyzer is an excellent tool which, however, must also include some necessary components. Without them, this unit cannot work properly, or its function would be only partial. So, the basic components are: flow meter, particle filter, condensation detector and flow controller. On the output device there is an easily accessible terminal block, thanks to which, you can easily connect the infrared gas analyzer to your control system.


Monitoring using air.aseko

This device can perform instantaneous measurements, as well as measurements, which are then further analysed and are more accurate. In this case, connection to the server is used. All data will be analysed more accurately even in the long term view. You should definitely take advantage of this assistance and connect your infrared gas analyzer to the cloud server.

By purchasing an infrared gas analyzer you definitely cannot lose, choose our model AIR LF, which guarantees accuracy and quality. Only then, will your biogas production become as efficient as possible. Read more about biogas monitoring here.


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