Gas analyzers

Gas analyzer is a very handy tool that can measure the composition and quality of the produced biogas accurately. Its connection to the production system of biogases is not difficult and the gas analyzer is very accurate. Are you asking, what good is such analysis? Of course, with the help of the analyzer, you can find the current status of the biogas and you’ll be able to adjust it to a higher efficiency.

Modern appearance and design of gas analyzers

Gas analyzers features a modern touch screen, compact design and is also easily calibrated. Each high quality gas analyzer should then include a flow meter for easier checking, particle filter, flow controller and the actual condensation detector.

LF Analyzers

Gas analyzers that operate based on the Air LF technology, use infrared radiation, absorption, by which the density and composition of the biogas is detected. If you use the Air LF gas analyzer, increase its efficiency to the maximum, which can be achieved by connecting to the Air.aseko cloud server (more about monitoring). Thanks to the connection of this device to the network you will immediately obtain very clear and accurate information about the status of the produced biogas, and you can adjust it as you wish. Gas analyzers are extremely durable even under heavy loads.

The integration of gas analyzers

For connectivity, which, by the way, is very simple, it is ideal to primarily use plastic and stainless steel pipes to ensure durability and resistance to corrosion and other rigors of the climate as well as the medium being measured.

On the terminal of this device there is an easily accessible terminal block, whereby you can then very easily connect the measured gases and calibration air and achieve the highest accuracy. In our e-shop you can buy a high-quality, accurate and well-integral Air LF gas analyzer, which can be described without difficulty as an “all in one” product. Therefore, everything you need to measure biogases is included.

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