Technology for biogas production

Today, biogas is a widely used commodity and appears to have a great future. It is a source of energy that can be derived from natural processes as well as using various techniques. These technologies are actually the most well-known and widely used for biogas.

Biomass combustion

The first and perhaps the most famous possibility is combustion. For these purposes, dry residues of succulent plants and woody plants are mainly used, namely trees, shrubs and other crops that possess a higher content of cellulose. The energy gained from the biomass can then be used in the form of biogas in a power plant, heating plant or in other buildings.

Decomposition of animal masses

Biogas technology is used in this case primarily for the decomposition of animal residues, but energy crops also contribute to its development. In our basins, in this respect the most frequently used is probably corn, which is ensiled in special tubes or silage clamps. A very important and large amount of methane is then the main reason why such silages are implemented.

Gas from landfills

A large amount of biogas is formed on landfills and in sewage treatment plants, where it can be collected or captured in a variety of ways. Its further use is then primarily in the production of energy. This is the side of the technology for biogas and its production, which must be monitored very precisely to prevent dangerous leaks.

Station for biogas production

Most biogas stations using technologies for biogas production use diesel engines. Biofuels are unclean, so approximately 8% oil is added for cooling and quality lubrication. The proceeds of such a bio station is then from the sale of energy, waste collection and sale of composted material. If we are talking about the largest station using biogas technology and its production, we can mention Velký Karlov near Znojmo.

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