Biogas detector

Biogas detector is an excellent device that is used primarily in businesses where various biogases are produced. Its connection is quite simple and is based on a terminal block, which is located on the output device. For connection to the biogas production system it is necessary to use stainless steel and plastic pipes that have the ability to withstand the various rigors of the climate, especially troublesome corrosion that can reduce the whole system operation.

If you get a biogas detector from our store, you will be getting a device that enables you to have better control over the composition of the biogas. With this information it won’t be so difficult to adjust production to the optimum values.

How does it work?

The biogas detector from our e-shop works on the principle of emission and absorption of infrared radiation. It permeates the media and determines its composition and other values. If you connect the whole system to the Air.aseko cloud server, you will be able to monitor the information obtained over a longer timescale and conduct the necessary and less necessary adjustments on the basis of such measurements.

What should a biogas detector include?

The main components of the biogas detector include a flow meter, particle filter, condensation detector and flow controller. Together they form a very efficient and modern device or system by which you can obtain accurate information only.

Biogas detector terminal

The biogas detector terminal should be fitted with a perfectly accessible terminal block and a control panel that is maximally clear. On our site you can also find a system and the connection diagram for the AIR LF analyzer, the device is also used for the detection of biogases. On the terminal you can set the measurement process to achieve the highest efficiency. Measurement of biogases is also a safety prevention, especially in landfills and like-minded businesses where dangerous gases can leak.

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