Biogas Crops

Biogas is produced by various anaerobic and aerobic processes involving the use of the so-called energy crops. These are distributed in a certain way, and include a variety of crops as well as products in ordinary private gardens. Current waste sorting enables households to collect crop residues into specialised containers which are used for composting, or for the production of biogas from crops.

Where does biogas from crops emerge from?

The main processes of obtaining biogas from plants includes combustion, then, also decaying, fermentation, pressing of seeds, or pyrolysis. If we mention the most common locations or places where biogases are mostly found, it would be wastewater treatment plants, landfills for organic waste, sugar refineries and similar food manufacturers, silo systems and storehouses of natural fertilisers, secondary production of livestock products and others.


The basic division of energy crops

Energy biogas crops produce is based on various processes, for example decaying or fermentation, and they divide accordingly. What is the basic division?

  • Cellulosic – these are cereal crops, grasses, hemp products and also woody plants
  • Oleaginous – in our country is especially oilseed rape
  • Sacharous-starch – potatoes, sugar beets, sugar cane, corn

Use of biogas

Crops and the biogas that is produced or created spontaneously from them, have a variety of uses. Mainly, they are used for the production of electricity and heat, as well as the production of fuel for various forms of transport and working means.

The most commonly used crops for biogas production

Biogas production uses a large number of plant species, woody as well as fleshy plants are used. Woody plants are processed primarily by burning, fleshy plants more by fermentation or similar processes. Finally let’s name the crops for biogas: oilseed rape, wolfberry, sorrel, potatoes, corn, sugar beets, sugar cane, and recently also fast-growing trees such as Japanese poplar.

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